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Steve Wozniak and his early days at school and college


February 18, 1984 - Steve Wozniak talks at Independence High School, Independence, Ohio at an event organized by the Northeast Ohio Apple Users Group (NEO Apple Corps). Topics include: school days and his experience with logic design and ham radio; pranks through electronics; weekly visits at Sylvannia during his senior year; start in computers through the PDP-8 handbook; early designs of computers; collection of small computer manuals; impact of Data General's Nova computer; first college year; pranks through the use of a TV jammer in the dorm; TV jammer in his first computer course; probation for abuse of computer time; second college year at different school; year off from college to work as a programmer at computer company; design of a computer with parts from Fairchild; meets Steve Jobs (22:02); pranks with Jobs; third year at college; article in Esquire magazine titled Secrets of the Little Blue Box; tells Jobs about the article; visit to Stanford Linear Accelerator and the library to check telephone company manuals; builds and sells boxes to make free long distance phone calls; meets Captain Crunch along with Jobs; pranks through free long distance phone calls; work at Hewlett-Packard as an electronics technician and as an engineer at the calculator division (34:24); starts dial a joke; experiences with phone company; designs Pong game; Steve Jobs at Atari (41:30); design of Breakout game for Atari; gets parts from Hewlett-Packard to build a terminal and a modem.

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