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  • Facebook Moving Non-Promoted Posts Out Of News Feed | Technology News

    acebook Moving Non-Promoted Posts Out Of News Feed

    The social network giant Facebook is known for its numerous interface changes. This time, they are testing to offer two different feeds: one will bring content from your family and friends, plus sponsored posts; while the other will get non-sponsored page posts.

    For now, the test is being conducted in only six countries: Bolivia, Cambodia, Slovakia, Guatemala, Serbia and Sri Lanka. But it is already clear that the change was not good for the pages.

    Social networking manager Filip Struharik shows that, according to CrowdTangle, the interactions in the posts of the sixty-plus pages in Slovakia have fallen dramatically in recent days, between 60% and 80%.

    Non-sponsored posts are now in the Exploration Feed, released for everyone last week. It gets very hidden in the interface, lost among the various options in the “More” menu of the application; while the news feed, of course, follows as the gateway to Facebook.

    This test indicates a future in which pages will have to pay for their posts to appear to the followers themselves. It’s a way for Facebook to increase its advertising revenue – after all, with almost two billion users, it can not be ignored.


    Source: TechViral

    - https://techviral.net/facebook-moving-non-promoted-posts-news-feed/

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  • Samsung Distributes Free Galaxy Note 8 To ALL 200 Passengers On A Flight | Tech News

    We all know very well that a year ago, many people were told that they could not fly with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as it was predisposed to fire. However, now, the South Korean giant Samsung itself giving away free Galaxy Note 8 to air passengers in an attempt to tell the world that its latest Note 8 is safe.

    Samsung Distributes Free Galaxy Note 8 To ALL 200 Passengers On A Flight

    The South Korean giant Samsung has surprised 200 passengers of the Iberia IB514 flight from A Coruna to Madrid with the gift to each of them of the Galaxy Note 8, its mobile star, valued at $1190. With this initiative, the Korean brand takes another step to wash away the bad corporate image of its previous model Galaxy Note 7, which had to be withdrawn from the market and was strictly prohibited on board in flights for the danger of internal combustion.

    The passengers who got on the Iberia plane this morning began to suspect that they were going to be the object of an advertising action as the device was adorned with messages from the brand and the campaign “Welcome aboard Galaxy Note 8”, which the Korean manufacturer and the airline have been launching for a few weeks, and the commander went to all the passengers to confirm that they were the protagonists of a very special action.

    Source : TechViral

    - https://techviral.net/samsung-distributes-free-galaxy-note-8/

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  • Ethiopian Startup Accepted into Silicon Valley Water Innovation Accelerator | Technology

    Addis Ababa March 28/2017 Ethiopian water network management startup Triple Bottom Line Enterprises (3BL) has been accepted into the Silicon Valley-based water innovation accelerator Imagine H2O, where it will receive mentoring and networking opportunities to help it grow, Disrupt Africa Reports.

    Imagine H2O aims to help startups develop and deploy innovative solutions to global water challenges, and provides water entrepreneurs with the resources, insight and visibility to launch and scale their businesses.

    According to the report the accelerator provides access to a global network of industry leaders, and partners with leading utilities, corporations, investors, academic institutions and associations committed to advancing water innovation.

    Ethiopia’s Triple Bottom Line Enterprises is one of 12 startups chosen from 180 applications from across the world to take place in this year’s Imagine H2O program.

    The company, incubated at iceaddis in Addis Ababa, has developed Smartphone-enabled tools for land surveying, pipeline design and network management to develop affordable piped water infrastructure in rural communities.

    The startup’s latest product, Flowius, combines analytics with a radically affordable design methodology to improve access to water for households and farms.

    Triple Bottom Line Enterprises and the other 11 startups accepted into the cohort showcased their solutions at the WaterGala ‘17 event, attended by over 350 industry executives, investors, utility managers, government officials and sustainability experts.

    All 12 companies will now benefit from cash awards, mentorship, industry exposure and introductions to customers and investors during the program.




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  • US Company to Digitalize TV Transmission in Ethiopia

    March 8, 2017 - Ethioppia just signed agreement with a US-based company to digitalize TV transmissions, according to ENA. The Information Network Security Agency (INSA) will oversee the project to be implemented by the U.S. based GatesAir, according to the report.

    The transfer of TV transmission technology from analogue to digital is expected to cost 34 million USD, coordinator of the project Gosa Demsei told ENA.

    The project will be implemented in three phases, he said. He mentioned that the development of infrastructures, launching trial service and fully transfer into the digital system are the phases.

    Upon completion, the project will enable to transmit a minimum of 22 channels, he said.  

    According to the coordinator, fully digitalizing the transmission will be realized four to eight years. (ENA)



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